The tour with my brother started in the green valley, at an altitude of over 3000 meters, where we still had pleasant temperatures and kept our jackets in our backpacks. But the further we gained height, the more the weather changed and the temperatures dropped. Fully loaded with weatherproof clothing we struggled at some point against the wind, which would have blown us away at the slightest inattention. In the meantime the soil had become rocky and no longer surrounded by plants. Even the rain began in the last 1000 meters of altitude and had turned into icy snow.

Finally, after several hours walk, we had made it and were able to see the top of the mountain. The thought of the prospect that awaited us gave us the necessary motivation and we accelerated our pace for the last time. At the top of the mountain I turned my eyes towards the valley and the colorful mountains. But even before I could look down, my eyes were fixed on this little boy, who was holding his llama firmly in his hands and sitting peacefully on the ground. His clothes were soaked in snow and his oversized sandals barely protect him from the cold. And yet he kept more peace than any other of us.

Little Quechua, thank you for warming my heart in the freezing cold and for showing me that cold can be relative.


March 2018


At the over 5200 meter high Vinicunca in Peru. The mountain is also called Rainbow Mountain and is one of the most visited attractions in Peru’s nature. In addition to the unique landscape, it is the colored mountains that attract tourists here. Therefore, the mountain is also called “Montaña de los 7 colores”, which means mountain of seven colors.