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Little sunshine sharing his bread and smile with me

Little sunshine

I met this little sunshine in the streets of Kashan, when I was having a walk to see the old town of the city. He was walking some…

A lady with a hijab in the mosque

Hidden beauty

This picture was taken in the Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan, which is one of the most beautiful in Iran, built in the late 18th century. The mosque…

Kind neben Esel auf Knien auf Isla del Sol in Bolivien

Salvation & fetters

It touches to see how children are connected to animals. Although the animals are several times their height, the children seem to have them completely under control. Just…

Junger Quechua auf dem Rainbow Mountain

Little Quechua and his LLama

The tour with my brother started in the green valley, at an altitude of over 3000 meters, where we still had pleasant temperatures and kept our jackets in…

Modelshooting mit LIGHT

Light #1

For the first official shoot with Light the plan was to run through the streets without a specific target and to stop when we like the scenery. This…


Once again, I had a nice shooting day with the models from and for 90tage-wunschgewicht. It was about certain scenes that should land on their homepage and for…


Balancing for BodyTransform

On behalf of Body Transform Mini stands in front of the camera and twisted both her body, as well as our heads in every direction. Here is a…

Business Shooting

Stefan B.

It’s a remarkable difference if you have a pro in front of the lens who is regularly photographed and makes a living from it. Well-studied facial expressions and…

Model Onur

Onur #1

As a hair model Onur already stood in Southeast Asia, where he was celebrated as a star, in the spotlight. Also on our shooting day he made a…

Straßenkind aus Diyarbakir

Street child

The eyes sparkle like a mirror to the universe, which is hidden behind it. The mouth is smeared with food and the skin bears signs of the road….

Porträt Bild mit LIGHT

Light #2

After the first official shooting brought images for eternity, we did not want to wait long for a comeback. Once again, I am amazed at how photogenic a…

Outdoor Shooting mit TOLGA

Premiere with TOLGA

Today, Tolga is the first time in front of the lens. We got to know each other during the shoot with Ezgi. After seeing the pictures of the…

Balett mit AIDA


This image of Aida originated on the shooting day for Aida, from near Stuttgart, is a model and artist at the same time. She has a remarkable…



When I was traveling in Heidelberg, I had the spontaneous opportunity to meet DRAMAH. The rapper from Heilbronn, whom I have known for many years, was allowed to…

Geschwister Fotografie

Sibling love

There is never enough to learn from the unconditional love of children. As they share their joy and enjoy the joy of others, they can be happy while…

Business Fotografie Ezgi


Nomade in der Wüste

In the desert of Merzouga

Bräutigam Luftwurf auf Hochzeit

Three cheers and a tiger for the groom

Definitely a nice feeling to be carried on your hands and thrown into the air by your friends. Especially when you gently land in their hands. I wish…