Iran – Magical oasis and ancient ruins in the desert (4K)

After finding on GoogleMaps a tree-shaped oasis in the desert of Iran, I was so impressed that I decided to see it. Where does the water come from and where is the source of it? What is the vegetation like? How do people live there?

Wild figs on the way to the desert
Wild figs on the way to the desert

The journey

With infinite amount of curiosity the journey started in Kerman, which is around 200 km away from the oasis. As one can imagine there is no bus or train to an oasis in the desert. But with unconditional trust to get there I hitchhiked from one point to the other. Sometimes waiting under the sun for hours on crossways, to catch a vehicle to get closer to the goal.

Hitchhiking on top of a pick up
Hitchhiking on top of a pick up

As it is always, the journey itself had its own reward with all the magical incidences and people I met. At the end, the reward was a wonderful spot: a green oasis surrounded by the dry desert. Full of life, endless dates to eat, a lagoon to swim and mysterious ruins of an abandoned ancient village.

Oasis of Keshit – an ancient Bronze Age urban center

I have found out that the area of the oasis in Keshit was an early Bronze Age urban centre on the western edge of the Lut Desert, chronologically spanning from the the fifth millennium BC to the late Islamic era. A a region where previous excavations of archeologists have already documented the existence of a very significant early urban centre. A world archeologist website has an interesting article about that area. For those who are interested:

Sunset over the ancient city of Keshit
Sunset over the ancient city of Keshit

Following the path of water

Following the path of the water to the source, another adventure began. At a temperature of over 40 degrees under the sun my feet were cooled by the water. As always, my curiosity led me to the source, which I wanted to find. I wanted to see where the water in the desert came from. But what I found left me with humility and enthusiasm for the beauty of nature.

water forming a lagoon in the desert oasis
Water forming a lagoon in the desert oasis

If you look at the map you will see the way water took to shape the tree. Walking through the roots an branches of the tree was a magical experience. Some branches dried out, some keeping the water. All in all forming a spectacular scenery.

What I should also mention is of course the salty taste of the water and the endless dates I could eat along the walk. Actually it seemed to me, that the whole oasis had just date trees. Just imagine delicious fresh dates everywhere!

dates on a palm tree
dates on a palm tree

More information

If I left you with curiosity about the history off the ancient city and the are check the interesting article on “antiquity”, a world archeologist website. To take part in the adventure, definitely watch the YouTube video. And to discover the are on Google Maps.

Enjoy the beauty of our wonderful world 🌍

panoramic scenery in the ancient city of Keshit
panoramic scenery in the ancient city of Keshit

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  1. Moon Rays

    Hello there in this beautiful day 🙂

    After seeing your video on Youtube, your blog post made me feel even more curious and happy to know more about Keshit, or can we call it dates dessert (!cause it seems not desert from here).

    Besides water, trees and dates, that pottery fragments floor was such a surprise 🙂

    Wonder how those dates and salty water taste, the texture of the rocks feels but blows my mind thinking about the movement of thousands(?) of people that lived there in the middle of the desert in those handmade earth homes.

    You told us so little of your Indiana Jones trip in this post but it felt so much.

    Thank you for sharing and until the next trip!

    Smiles 🙂

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